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Glass Property Analysis Laboratory (1)

Laboratory of Glass Properties (1) mainly for the measurement of glass optical properties of the laboratory, the main instruments in the laboratory are PL fluorescence Spectrometer, PRISM coupling instrument, FourierTransform Infrared spectrometer

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PL Fluorescence Spectrometer (i) (ii)

PL fluorescence spectrometer is the use of excitation light sourceBreak into the test.Glass test piece, the test piece absorbs the laser energy after the release of the special fluorescence, can make fluorescence excitation-radiation spectrum, figure one instrument measurement range in 200-800 nm, figure II Instrument measurement range in 800-1600 nm, and can be usedSignal Lock Filmmethod to compare the phase difference between the incident light source and the signal light source received by the detector, the lifetime of the glass fluorescence can be calculated.


Prism coupling instrument

The prism coupler uses the principle of total reflection to measure the refractive index of glass samples. Measuring wavelengths of 654, 594, 473nm, using three wavelengths to measure the refractive index can further calculate the Abbe number, its refractive index measurement range in 1.54-2.4.


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a spectrum in which an interferometer is used to generate an interferometric map through Fourier transform into IR. The vibration spectra of various organic functional bases can be obtained from the IR spectrum, and the bonding in the glass can also be measured,Measurement of wave numbersRange in 400-4000 cm-1


Optical Fiber spectrum analysis

A spectrum analyzer is an instrument that measures the spectrum (amplitude-frequency relationship) of an input signal within its frequency range. Its main function is to measure the power spectrum of the signal. The input signal of the spectrum analyzer is an electrical signal. But if you work with the right sensor, you can also measure the sound.Spectrum of other signals such as waves and light waves. There are also special spectral spectrometers that can directly measure the spectrum of light waves using optical techniques such as monochrome.


Precision Micro Refraction instrument

The refractive index is obtained by the minimum deflection method, and the sample needs to be machined into a prism shape. In addition, the clip to the top corner of the2Faces need to be machined into a high-precision grinding surface. Use formulas (1), RootAccording to the top cornerαand minimum deflection angleδminCalculate the refractive index of the samplen。 The calculated refractive index is the relative refractive index relative to the sample atmosphere (air, etc.) at the time of determination.


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