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Transferable industrial technology

Technical name

Technical notes

Technical requirements for the establishment

Continuous Glass PoolKiln Technology

1.Small continuous glass melting kiln,Slope rolling FlowThe effect of defoaming and homogenization to improve the quality of glass

2.Patents have been obtained(Patent name:Continuous Glass pool kiln)

Cleansing Lab

The method of making quartz glass assembly technology

1.Use low-cost plastic molds in a net molding manner(net-shape forming)Making quartz glass components, belonging to Inorganic polymerization molding technology derived from gel synthetic glass method

2.Patents have been obtained(Patent name:The method of making quartz glass assembly)

1.Cleansing Lab2.1700℃ high temperature Atmosphere control furnace

Purification Technology of silica sand

1.UseSilicofluoridePurification technology willMineral GradeQuartz Sand purification to99.995The Purity,Highest processTemperature below150℃, energy saving and environmental protection process

2.Application for purification method of silica sand continental patents

3.Obtained the method of making high purity silica and metallurgical grade polysilicon Taiwan patent

Cleansing Lab

Optical fiber Drawing device technology for communication

1.Optical fiber pumping device for communication, can be directly pumped out of the fiber, without the need for firstMaking Light Rods(preform), which can reduce many production costs

2.Optical fiber Drawing device has been obtained for communication Taiwan & amp; Mainland Patents

3.has been awarded "by Paris, France"Leiping inventionCompetition "Gold Medal award

1.Optical fiber pumping device for communication
2.Glass melting-Making equipment

Glass Phase Separation Technology(Manufacturing technology including microporous glass)

Special optical effects, such as increased fluorescence intensity, are produced by glass phase separation;Micro NanoPorous glass with aperture can be used as photocatalyst carrier and filter material

1.GlassMelting PracticeEquipment
2.Acid Etching Equipment
3.Quality Inspection Equipment

formulation and manufacture of infrared shielded glass with low melting point

1.Non-coated light energy control glass, in the application of energy saving can eliminate the relevant coating equipment, operating procedures and human costs, and at present in non-coated energy-saving glass technology has reachedLeading countriesTechnology

2.Application for low melt infrared light shielding glass Taiwan patent

1.Particle size Analyzer
2.High temperature Viscosity meter
3.Infrared Moisture Meter

Applied GlassNana-RiceDevelopment of rare earth fiber laser by Phase technology

1.will be developedNai Mi minTechnology for the development of optical fiber laser with phase improved fluorescence efficiency

2.Application of glass fiber and its method continental patent for fusion of quartz glass fiber

3.Application method for improving fluorescence intensity of oxide glass Taiwan patents

4.Glass fiber optics which can be fused with quartz glass fiber and its making method Taiwan patent

1.High Temperature heat Treatment furnace(1700℃)
2.Hydrogen Oxygen Flame Machine
3.Glass Fiber Drawing Machine

Computer simulation technology of glass melting kiln

In the glass melting kilnHot Flow FieldAnalysis

Program-controlled computers

Computer simulation technology of glass forming

of Glass formingHot Flow FieldAnalysis

Program-controlled computers

Class Rod Tube methodPrefabricated body Drawing Technology

1.With Stepper motor collocationHigh temperature Furnace pumpingGlass fiber preform technology, can be used as fiber optic masterbatch, or functional glass bar technology

2.Application Type Rod Pipe methodDrawing Technology Taiwan patent

1.Stepper Motor

2.High temperature Furnace

Glass Rod/Pipe pumping-Making equipment

Apply for a glass stick/Pipe pumping-Making equipmentTaiwan Patents

1.Heating Furnace

2.Internal and external Crucible

3.Cooling system

4.Diameter control equipment

Fiber Optic Laser Core layer(core)Development of phosphate glass material system

1.The total amount of ytterbium oxide added to functional elements can be greater than3.0*1020ions/cm3

2.of Glass SystemsTgPoint about the448-498℃, less than silicate shell glass material. Refraction rate up to1.529-1.535, higher than shell glass material

1.High temperature Furnace

2.Annealing Furnace

Precision control technology of double-layer optical fiber pumping technology

Using phosphate and silicate glass materials, using the glass drawing device developed in this plan, high-quality glass fiber pumping is carried out, and the wire diameter control device and computer equipment are used to automate the adjustment of optical fiber outer diameter operation.

1.High temperature Furnace

2.Drawing equipment

3.Wire diameter control device

Glass composition and melting technology of phosphate system

Application for optical glass(Phosphate)Taiwan Patents

1.High temperature Furnace

2.Annealing Furnace

3.Drawing equipment

Analysis Technology of special glass materials

Production technology of phosphate glass materials

1.High temperature Furnace
2.Annealing Furnace

Bismuth acid Salt systemGlass composition and melting technology

With bismuth acid saltThe addition of other oxides, the production of a good transmittance, high refractive index and fluorophosphate number of glass materials, can beAs a moldingof optical glass

1.High temperature Furnace

2.Annealing Furnace

Boron silicate glass and melting technology with high refraction and low glass conversion temperature

1.Boron silicate is the main, add other modified oxides as a supplement, melt out with good light transmittance, high refractive index and number of beta, low glass conversion temperaturecan be moldedOptical Glass Materials

2.Application for optical glass(Silicate), high refractive index low melting point optical glass-BiPGe, high refractive index low melting point optical glass-BiPBand other Taiwan patents

1.High temperature Furnace
2.Annealing Furnace

Radiation Glass Dosimeter Technology

Can be emitted after exposure to ultraviolet light600~700nmVisible light;The higher the radiation volume of irradiation with the radiation intensity,The stronger the visible light,

High Temperature Glass Electric furnace

Low temperature phosphate Glass formulaand process

Phosphate series, aluminum phosphate series, such as low-characteristic temperature glass, light transmittance,Low processingTemperature can be applied to electronic component packaging,3dPrint, etc.


Glass Surface Treatment Technology

The use of coating, plasma and other vacuum treatment technology, special glass system can be made surface cleaning, coating, heat treatment, LocalRe-melting, etc.Surface Engineering


Glass detection Technology

For the analysis and research of commissioned samples, the instruments used include the relevant measurement and analysis equipment of glass physical and chemical properties of the material department and the center of the university, as well as the valuable instruments of other school units.,Provide a complete professional material analysis service




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